Biggest Boss

~Being an entrepreneur you have to bet on yourself.

Written by LeVonda Brown


Investors provide oppurtunity for growth to run up a check! And in 2016 Rick Ross has done more than release a single titled Buy Back The Block feat. Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz. As the Black Market Album obtained space on our playlist, rap mogul Rick Ross was securing his bag by providing employment through his Wing Stop franchise and showing customers love with infamous pop ups. Rick Ross is definitely not selfish in his pursuit for success, for he teamed up with Wing Stop to send kids to college by offering a scholarship program.

With the growth of his Wing Stop and Checkers investments you would think Carol City’s finest would have settled. Nope, not this genius. While painting houses for Habitat for humanity, visiting a Boyz and Girls club in Atlanta and celebrating his 10 year anniversary of his debut album Port of Miami with Tidal, Rick Ross kept his eyes on the prize and exceeded restaurant excellence when he placed his Midas touch on Pizza Hut.

Also, in 2016 wine has not tasted better; especially if it was not Luc Belaire Rose and Luc Belaire Rose Gold Luxe. This combination of the best grapes in France became even more desirable when Rick Ross made beautiful model and radio personality Deelishis Brand Ambassador of Belaire Rose. This lovely addition to his road to success is a good look for the continued growth of Luc Belaire Rose.

Outside of heavy revenue streams, Rick Ross and his artist were making history. Wale became the first rapper to open a State of Union address and Meek Mill was acknowledged by the BillBoard Music Awards for Top Rap Album. Rick Ross was also recently Grammy nominated for best Song Written for Visual Media. All these things were accomplished while on house arrest, proving that these niggas can’t hold him back. These accomplishments shows that determination, tunnel vision, and persistence is key and William Roberts demonstrated throughout 2016.


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