Money in Orbit

The 16 Psyche
Written by LeVonda Brown

We must take time to appreciate our planet earth for it is a vital source of life. Daily our earth spins on it axis in a vast universe full of astroids and comets that threaten it existence. While our scientist study daily to prevent disasters against mankind from occurring, discoveries are born.

According to writer Lchappell, on March 17, 1852 Psyche was discovered by Annibale De Gasparis and on September 30, 2015 scientist Lindy Elkin-Tanton brought mission Psyche 16 to NASA’s Discovery Program. And on January 4th, 2017 NASA decided to move foreword with the mission. Mission Psyche 16 will launch in 2023 and will at the asteroid in 2030.

Often we are unable to think outside our atmosphere but now is the time to keep an eye on our scientist. Psyche 16 is worth 10,000 Quadrillion dollars. This ancient metal asteroid is thought to be made up of nickel and iron. Nickel-Iron can produce rechargeable batteries and with the way technology market is thriving the Psyche 16 mission may be good for future business. What do you think?


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