He can dribble! He can shoot! Let Jeff on the court so he can HOOP!

Written by LeVonda Brown

A couple days ago I was ecstatic to have Jeff Withey come across my post. I have not had anyone of his following or status step off their pedestal and like anything on my Instagram account. Although I love to play sports, I don’t watch it often. Yet, when I seen Jeffs Withy’s name in my notification I decided to see what he has been up to.

After watching a few past games, reading articles and watching interviews I decided to write my opinion on a cool guy. I learned from Wiki that he is a Pisces born March 7th, 1990, played basketball at the University of Kansas where he earned a reputation of blocking shots and his defense presence. This Big 12 defensive player was selected in the NBA draft by the Portland Trail Blazers. Jeff Withey was eventually traded to the New Orleans Pelicans and in 2015 he signed with the Utah jazz.

In addition to the articles, The videos that showed sponsorship by Zion Bank was a good one. It shows Jeff’s humility. I hope that he gets what he desires in the summer and throughout his career.


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