The World Needs More Love

Written by LeVonda Brown

The earth is our home and a beautiful place to live. So when I come across people like Amina who care about environmental issues I become overwhelmed with joy. Gratefully, Amina took time out of her schedule to respond to my questions and I am excited to share Ms. Amina with you all.


“The interest began back when I was around 9 years old when I began to learn about fossil fuels, renewable energy and endangered species.I just remember being extremely confused on why we had not abandoned fossil fuels completely, not knowing the complications behind it of course. It’s hard for me to choose one big concern as our Earth is in a very fragile condition right now. But I think deforestation and poaching are the top of the list for me.

Also, we are going downhill rapidly when it comes to the numbers of our wild animals (such as elephants and rhinos) and the amount of natural lands being cut down and cleared for battery farms.

Well 4% of Sweden’s litter goes to the landfill while the rest is used to create energy. And I think if other countries around the world were to take a book from Sweden’s page, that would impact hugely on making our environment much cleaner and healthier to live in.

I think every organization out there could use donations. But I also think that not everything is about money, although it seems that way. Simply being a spokesperson for an organization or spreading the word about their work across social media could help them dramatically. I believe that above all, what we need is love, peace and unity between humans, animals and the natural world. Majority of Earth’s problems began with greed and money.”

Well said! Don’t you agree? Follow @_savewildlife to see what an environmentalist life is like!


Caught in a photographer’s angle

Haley Wheeler
Written by LeVonda Brown

I am pleased that I came across Haley Wheeler’s Instagram account. For her creative style has captivated my soul and re-inspired my mind. From her 1940’s Hotline Bling old Hollywood style shoot, to Bad Girl Katrina, Human Canvas, Black Swan, the Blood Bath collaboration with Makeup by Mads and my favorite photograph Little Bo Chic Boutique; Haley is great at was she does. And I am truly looking foreword to see Haley Wheeler excel as a photographer.

Although Haley is new to the photography world, it is still obvious that she was born to create. From every concept that she has captured, I felt apart of the photo; Haley Wheeler definitely knows how to make a picture come to life. In her 1940’s Hotline Bling old Hollywood style photo, I could feel each picture as if it was telling my own personal past story. And as strange as Blood Bath appeared it still was beyond amazing. I feel that this photo could have been an advertisement for a Horror film. Another photo that pulled me in was Haley’s Little Bo Chic Boutique. I thought that was the most adorable photo I had laid my eyes on this far.

Amongst being an artist, Haley takes her work seriously and her models are very important to her. She confessed to me that she does whatever it takes to make sure her clients are 100% satisfied. And not only is she professional, Haley is unique and offers some pop to fashion, color, fantasy, story telling, portrait photos and will make sure that her clients are more than happy with her work.

Photography is not as easy as it looks and it takes a genius to freeze time in a way that forces a person to relive and reminisce life through photography. Hale Wheeler has an open mind and is willing to work with anyone. She can be reached on her site, email address,, via phone 647-778-4898, Facebook at Haley Wheeler Photography, Instagram at hwheelerphoto, and on Twitter – @hwheelerphotol.

There Is No Room For Error When Our Youth Is Considered Property Of The State.

Written by LeVonda Brown

I recently came across the Kalief Browder story when I was introduced to the Sundance Film Festival. Although the Sundance Film Festival showcases and discusses a plethora of short films, full length movies and documentaries, The Kalief Browder Story stood out the most because of a great man by the name of Shawn Carter. Shawn Carter (Jay Z) has taken an initiative to help bring a story of injustice into fruition by standing firmly behind the production of The Kalief Browder Story as one of the film producers.

It has been over 20 decades since the juvenile justice system has been reconstructed by the United States Government with the intent to turn youth who are considered a menace to society into productive citizens. Before the necessary changes occurred through house of refuge, new reformatories and separating juvenile girls from juvenile boys, a child could be executed for simply cursing his or hers natural parent. Although the government has come a long way legally, injustice still thrives in our justice system.

In 1964, Gerald Gault a 15-year-old boy was sentenced to 6 years in prison for prank calling his neighbor. And just like Gerald Gault, Kalief Browder was unfairly incarcerated. Kalief Browder was 16 years old when he was imprisoned and sent to the Rikers Island Facility without a trial. Kalief spent two years in solitary confinement where he experienced verbal and physical abuse by Riker Island employees.

Kalief Browder story saddened me because at the age of 22 years old he committed suicide. The best part of his teenage life was taken from him due to our broken justice system. It is unacceptable for our justice system to leave room for error when our juveniles are considered property of the state.

According to SpikeTV This Kalief Browder Story will air in March 2017 on Spike TV. It will be a six-part documentary series that we all must see.  It will include first person accounts, archival footage and cinematic recreations of key scenes of Browder’s life.

Global Warming Is Here To Stay

Written by LeVonda Brown

Once upon a time the earth’s northern hemisphere was desperate to escape the grip that the ice age had on Asia, Europe and North America. The cold pre historic stage in our history; approximately 20,000 confined us to Africa. And once that prehistoric stage came to its end we migrated to other parts of the earth.

Now, over time we have became more advanced as humans and began to use our intellect to be more resourceful. We began to use fossil fuel, oil, and cutting down trees. And when we tend to misuse the natural carbon producing resources that the earth provides us, a disaster occurs and that disaster is now called Global Warming.

Global warming will continue, it will slowly melt the ice that makes up Antarctica as well as Greenland. And this new edition of water will inspire our sea level to rise. A higher level of water means water movin inland, causing flooding, erosion and death.

There is nothing we can do to reverse the damages that have been created by Global Warming. However, if we support our climate scientist; our environmentalist in thier pursuit to heal our earth and prevent further damage.