Global Warming Is Here To Stay

Written by LeVonda Brown

Once upon a time the earth’s northern hemisphere was desperate to escape the grip that the ice age had on Asia, Europe and North America. The cold pre historic stage in our history; approximately 20,000 confined us to Africa. And once that prehistoric stage came to its end we migrated to other parts of the earth.

Now, over time we have became more advanced as humans and began to use our intellect to be more resourceful. We began to use fossil fuel, oil, and cutting down trees. And when we tend to misuse the natural carbon producing resources that the earth provides us, a disaster occurs and that disaster is now called Global Warming.

Global warming will continue, it will slowly melt the ice that makes up Antarctica as well as Greenland. And this new edition of water will inspire our sea level to rise. A higher level of water means water movin inland, causing flooding, erosion and death.

There is nothing we can do to reverse the damages that have been created by Global Warming. However, if we support our climate scientist; our environmentalist in thier pursuit to heal our earth and prevent further damage.


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