Caught in a photographer’s angle

Haley Wheeler
Written by LeVonda Brown

I am pleased that I came across Haley Wheeler’s Instagram account. For her creative style has captivated my soul and re-inspired my mind. From her 1940’s Hotline Bling old Hollywood style shoot, to Bad Girl Katrina, Human Canvas, Black Swan, the Blood Bath collaboration with Makeup by Mads and my favorite photograph Little Bo Chic Boutique; Haley is great at was she does. And I am truly looking foreword to see Haley Wheeler excel as a photographer.

Although Haley is new to the photography world, it is still obvious that she was born to create. From every concept that she has captured, I felt apart of the photo; Haley Wheeler definitely knows how to make a picture come to life. In her 1940’s Hotline Bling old Hollywood style photo, I could feel each picture as if it was telling my own personal past story. And as strange as Blood Bath appeared it still was beyond amazing. I feel that this photo could have been an advertisement for a Horror film. Another photo that pulled me in was Haley’s Little Bo Chic Boutique. I thought that was the most adorable photo I had laid my eyes on this far.

Amongst being an artist, Haley takes her work seriously and her models are very important to her. She confessed to me that she does whatever it takes to make sure her clients are 100% satisfied. And not only is she professional, Haley is unique and offers some pop to fashion, color, fantasy, story telling, portrait photos and will make sure that her clients are more than happy with her work.

Photography is not as easy as it looks and it takes a genius to freeze time in a way that forces a person to relive and reminisce life through photography. Hale Wheeler has an open mind and is willing to work with anyone. She can be reached on her site, email address,, via phone 647-778-4898, Facebook at Haley Wheeler Photography, Instagram at hwheelerphoto, and on Twitter – @hwheelerphotol.


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