The World Needs More Love

Written by LeVonda Brown

The earth is our home and a beautiful place to live. So when I come across people like Amina who care about environmental issues I become overwhelmed with joy. Gratefully, Amina took time out of her schedule to respond to my questions and I am excited to share Ms. Amina with you all.


“The interest began back when I was around 9 years old when I began to learn about fossil fuels, renewable energy and endangered species.I just remember being extremely confused on why we had not abandoned fossil fuels completely, not knowing the complications behind it of course. It’s hard for me to choose one big concern as our Earth is in a very fragile condition right now. But I think deforestation and poaching are the top of the list for me.

Also, we are going downhill rapidly when it comes to the numbers of our wild animals (such as elephants and rhinos) and the amount of natural lands being cut down and cleared for battery farms.

Well 4% of Sweden’s litter goes to the landfill while the rest is used to create energy. And I think if other countries around the world were to take a book from Sweden’s page, that would impact hugely on making our environment much cleaner and healthier to live in.

I think every organization out there could use donations. But I also think that not everything is about money, although it seems that way. Simply being a spokesperson for an organization or spreading the word about their work across social media could help them dramatically. I believe that above all, what we need is love, peace and unity between humans, animals and the natural world. Majority of Earth’s problems began with greed and money.”

Well said! Don’t you agree? Follow @_savewildlife to see what an environmentalist life is like!


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