The Esteelo Experience

Silk Screen & Custom Tee Company


Michael Estella is a Puerto Rico native that started pursuing his independence right out of his garage. And since 2010 has grown himself into a business that he proudly calls, Esteelo. Micheal never imagined that that the ideas that he exchanged with his cousin in Puerto Rico would manifest the way that they have.

Before Micheal indulged in his passion, he worked different jobs and even had his hands in politics. But the artist in him would not let him settle or rest, Micheal had to invest in himself and make a living off of what he was born to do. After doing gigs for people in his community, Michael eventually landed gigs with National Museum Of Mexican Art, Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Roberto Clemente Community Academy, Mama’s HipHop Kitchen and some business in Philly.

The Esteelo Silk Screen & Custom Tee Company offers affordable Silk Screen, dye sublimation, custom printed tees, all over printed tees, promotions, products and graphic design. Michael’s Silk Screen Method provides customers with the long lasting quality on their custom t-shirt designs. The results of Silk Scree printing is thick, waterproof and washable. The dye sublimation for Michael’s graphic designs give any product, such as mugs, cups, key chains and canvasses a special professional look.

The Esteelo Silk Screen & Custom Tee Company offers clients flexibility, quality fabric, custom designs, affordability and 100% satisfaction. For inquires check out The Esteelo Company at, via telephone 312.493.9511 or via email at .


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