The World Needs More Love

Written by LeVonda Brown

The earth is our home and a beautiful place to live. So when I come across people like Amina who care about environmental issues I become overwhelmed with joy. Gratefully, Amina took time out of her schedule to respond to my questions and I am excited to share Ms. Amina with you all.


“The interest began back when I was around 9 years old when I began to learn about fossil fuels, renewable energy and endangered species.I just remember being extremely confused on why we had not abandoned fossil fuels completely, not knowing the complications behind it of course. It’s hard for me to choose one big concern as our Earth is in a very fragile condition right now. But I think deforestation and poaching are the top of the list for me.

Also, we are going downhill rapidly when it comes to the numbers of our wild animals (such as elephants and rhinos) and the amount of natural lands being cut down and cleared for battery farms.

Well 4% of Sweden’s litter goes to the landfill while the rest is used to create energy. And I think if other countries around the world were to take a book from Sweden’s page, that would impact hugely on making our environment much cleaner and healthier to live in.

I think every organization out there could use donations. But I also think that not everything is about money, although it seems that way. Simply being a spokesperson for an organization or spreading the word about their work across social media could help them dramatically. I believe that above all, what we need is love, peace and unity between humans, animals and the natural world. Majority of Earth’s problems began with greed and money.”

Well said! Don’t you agree? Follow @_savewildlife to see what an environmentalist life is like!


The ONE who gives victory

Written by LeVonda Brown

     There is righteousness found in a man who has come so far in life that he becomes a teacher to a prospering culture. It is fascinating to see Nasir Jones show us some of his mastery through his HSTRY Clothing line, Massappeal Records and his role as a film producer. The light that Nas possess does not stop shining on his growth it also shines on his humility.

   In 2016 we were able to see Nas successfully work on himself while being concerned about current events, giving back and paying homage to others. From the growth of Sweet Chick Life, 12am Run, Bevel Trimmer, HSTRY Clothing, XXIAM, Ghostbusters New Era collaboration, the movie The Land, The Get Down and Monster, Nasir Jones remained diligent. All the while showing concern for Alton Sterling and having courage to stand with Kapernick.

   Also, despite his busy celebrity lifestyle he still found time to give love the children with his The World Is Yours 4th Annual camping trip and Queensbridge Toy Drive. The humility that Nasir Jones posses does not end with his business and community endeavors. He also shows the world that he admires perseverance by shining the light on the great people before him, with him and after him; such as brother Jungle, Steve Stout, Haile Salassie, Director Steve Caple Jr, Dave East, Afeni Shakur, Dougie Fresh and The Get Fresh Crew, DMX, Muhammad Ali, Alicia Keys, Chris Rock, Yo Gotti, Run The Jewels, Bobby Brown Foods, Marvin Gaye, Lauryn Hill, Tribe Called Qwest, DJ Khaled, Kehlani, Sean Combs and the list goes on.

    Nasir Jones undeniable passion for music and film is what attracted many of us to him and last year Nas celebrated his 20th Anniversary of his album It Was Written and 6 year anniversary of Distant Relatives. While creating more art by recording songs like Figure It Out with French Montana and Kanye West, Tell Your Friends remix with The Weeknd, Bitterland with Erykah Badu, Nas Album Done with Dj Khalid and Deep with Robin Thicke. The studio wasn’t the only place Nasir Jones indulged in music, he also took his music from the studio and into the stage on Jimmy Kimmelwith Erykah Badu, Barclays Center, Bad Boy Reunion Tour, Times Square along side Alicia Keysand Coachella. With all that Nasir Jones has accomplished it was exciting for us to see him on the cover of Ebony Magazine and be given the Icon Award at Revolt Music Conference; for the efforts of the one who gives victory should always be acknowledged.

     A great mind definitely has no limits and we can see that Nas is limited less when we see his name appear in the credits of films such as The Land, The Get Down, Monster TBS and TNTDrama as a producer and an actor. Nasir Jones is a leader of the old school and new school and a major key to our culture. So let’s continue to show our brother support as we witness him develop and execute his goals.

Putting All Power Together

Co Creator Culture

Written by LeVonda Brown

Three years ago a fashion apparel for the creators was born. Co Creator Culture by Jason Swan reflects the deep intellect and knowledge of self that Jason embodied over the years. With an interest in business, Jason combined the lessons that he gains daily with his passion for fashion and invested his time to produce inspiring apparel.

Jason Swan has definitely met his expectations by positively and creatively designing hats, hoodies and t-shirts that represent knowledge of self in each individual as a Co Creator of Thee Creator. From the “Co Creator Culture” logo hats, “Hands of God” tees, “Since The Beginning Of Creation” scoop tees and “Ye are Gods” hoodies, Jason brings swag to the conscious community. Since we all have the ability to create and every right to do so, the Co Creator Culture Apparel is a great reminder to the world to invest in our minds.

The logo that Co Creator Culture uses is a serpent eating a tail. Which symbolizes a sense of something that is constantly recreating itself. The dot within the circle represents our place in God and the circle is a sign of God’s infinite as well as limitless power. Also, the world-renowned and historical pyramid is used by Co Creator Culture to represent a universal mind; our thought form incubator.

This men’s and women’s wear is rising up creators by making this supreme apparel available on . So visit Co Creator Culture by following their Instagram handle and show love. New spring collection of tees and jeans are in the works and we all can catch the Co Creator Culture movement at the fashion show held at the Warehouse in Bloomington Indiana February 18th 2017.

Should Inspiration be considered fiction in the literary world?

With all the unexpected circumstances that occur, I believe any form of inspiration is necessary. Suicide, depression, low self-esteem, homelessness, illness, grieving, and domestic violence are still current issues. People search for signs that their storm will not last forever. So when they turn to the literary world for solutions it becomes hard for some people to even consider taking the contents inside an inspirational read seriously when it is labeled unrealistic.

Inspiration deposits positive thoughts, visions and ideas in the mind of a pessimist as well as an optimist. I personally have been caught with no umbrella in the midst of a storm and If it wasn’t for words from individuals such as Napolean Hill, Pier Steel, and Robert Kyosaki I would have drowned in depression. It is ok to plant seeds of hope in peoples lives.

I have written 15 articles of encouragement that I made into a book titled “Important” and when I wrote this book I was enduring some nonfictional circumstances that I refused to be anchored by. Therefore I know inspiration helps. Granted, I may not be able to convince the library system to remove the word “fiction” from Inspiration. However what I can do is to continue to read, write and promote literature with hopes that it reaches the soul of one individual.

A writer’s perspective. (Ghostwriting interview with LeVonda Brown conducted by Rafaela Rodrigues)

Rafaela Rodrigues (faahrodrigues)- When and how did you find about ghostwriting and what made you want to do it? 

LeVonda Brown (vonda_writes)~

As a writer who desires to make a living out of this career, you tend to get familiar with the options you can venture into. Well, I have always looked for little writing gigs; whether it was through searching on craigslist or on However, what inspired me to ghostwrite a book was a post that was posted by Devin McFly (dev_mcfly2).

Rafaela Rodrigues (faahrodrigues)- If I am not mistaken, ghostwriters don’t usually take credits for their hard work. How do you deal with it?

LeVonda Brown (vonda_writes)~

Correct ghostwriters do not initially take any credit. This is also mentioned in the contract that I have made for this project and future projects. Now in my situation with the “Art Project” the Author who hired me decided that he wanted people to be aware that I wrote it. So let’s say if another project is presented to me and that “author” did not want to give me credit, I would be fine with that. I am not making effort to get in the writing industry to gain attention. I am getting in the writing industry to develop myself as a writer.

Rafaela Rodrigues (faahrodrigues)-  Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to show people that those words they were reading were yours, but you couldn’t because there is this “rule”?

LeVonda Brown (vonda_writes)~

No. I live by a moral code that I will not break, whether it is writing for someone or not.

Rafaela Rodrigues (faahrodrigues)- Can you tell me some pros and cons of your job?

LeVonda Brown (vonda_writes)~

The pros of ghostwriting for this particular project was making someone happy. Not everyone has the patience, discipline or drive to write and yet they have the best story to tell. Also, in this situation there were no cons. I already knew what I signed up for so I had to remain diligent no matter what.

Rafaela Rodrigues (faahrodrigues)- Do the “authors” who pay for your work give their opinions on it while you are working, asking to change things, or commenting their dislikes? Have you ever had any problems with it? – If yes, could you please tell what happen?

LeVonda Brown (vonda_writes)~

Yes opinions were given, only because I asked for them. Outside of writing, I must be able to satisfy a client so it important to confirm whether they are happy with my work by getting them engaged. With this project I had no problems. Maintaining understanding was never an issue.

Rafaela Rodrigues (faahrodrigues)- Do you think is it hard or anything but easy to find jobs in your area? How do you guys advertise your work?

LeVonda Brown (vonda_writes)~

Yes love, it has not been easy for me to find a writing job in my area. Some jobs prefer you to have certain credentials. I taught myself a lot through reading and that is not enough in the corporate world; therefore I prefer to freelance.

Rafaela Rodrigues- Is it possible to make a life out of the money you get from this career? (If you think this question is too personal, please, feel free to ignore it, I don’t mean do offend you in any way!)

LeVonda Brown (vonda_writes)~

No. However, I do believe that I can start a life with the money I get from this career.

Rafaela Rodrigues (faahrodrigues)- What are your aspirations when it comes to writing? Do you plan to continue being a “ghost”? How do you feel about it?

LeVonda Brown (vonda_writes)~

I want to explore all genres of the literature world, especially children’s books. With hopes that I will become a bestselling author one day. Will I ghost write again? Yes, I would; however there would be a way higher price to pay for my service as I continue to become a great writer. I do not feel bad about ghostwriting, I love to write. We all need help in this given life and if I can assist someone in making their dream come true then I will because little do they realize they are helping me make mines come true as well.