At times we re faced with situations that can break our spirit. So I wrote these articles of encouragement to assist you in your time of distress. I believe we can overcome anything through positive thought and I hope you receive the positive energy that I have planted in my book. ~Vonda

Important: You are



Should Inspiration be considered fiction in the literary world?

With all the unexpected circumstances that occur, I believe any form of inspiration is necessary. Suicide, depression, low self-esteem, homelessness, illness, grieving, and domestic violence are still current issues. People search for signs that their storm will not last forever. So when they turn to the literary world for solutions it becomes hard for some people to even consider taking the contents inside an inspirational read seriously when it is labeled unrealistic.

Inspiration deposits positive thoughts, visions and ideas in the mind of a pessimist as well as an optimist. I personally have been caught with no umbrella in the midst of a storm and If it wasn’t for words from individuals such as Napolean Hill, Pier Steel, and Robert Kyosaki I would have drowned in depression. It is ok to plant seeds of hope in peoples lives.

I have written 15 articles of encouragement that I made into a book titled “Important” and when I wrote this book I was enduring some nonfictional circumstances that I refused to be anchored by. Therefore I know inspiration helps. Granted, I may not be able to convince the library system to remove the word “fiction” from Inspiration. However what I can do is to continue to read, write and promote literature with hopes that it reaches the soul of one individual.